The Benefits of Milkbench+

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Most farmers already compare their performance informally, for example, discussing milk yields with neighbours. However, confidentially comparing a whole range of data with hundreds of other producers about everything from feed to machinery costs, helps farmers identify areas where performance can be improved and profits increased.

What makes Milkbench+ special?

Make the comparisons that you need.
Milkbench+ is flexible so you can just as easily benchmark against farms in your area as you can against producers operating under similar systems or conditions nationwide. Uniquely, all comparisons can be based on net margins at the enterprise level so you can be sure that you are judging like-against-like.

Monitor, manage and improve.
Using Milkbench+ annually helps you to plan more effectively. You can see the impact of changes on your efficiency and profitability; including those that you make and those that are imposed on you. Milkbench+ provides a detailed analysis of costs, revenues and the other factors that affect your returns, these can be used to make adaptable management plans that make the most of your dairy enterprise.

Independent and impartial.

Milkbench+ has been tailor-made for UK dairy producers to analyse the efficiency and profitability of their dairy enterprises. It is a producer-focused, standalone service that is operated by DairyCo. This ensures that what it tells you about your farm is not influenced by marketing messages or the potentially conflicting needs of other parts of the sector.

Make the most of your levy.
Milkbench+ is a service that is open to all levy payers at no extra cost. We have a growing number of users who have more than recouped their annual levy payments by implementing management changes identified from their benchmarking results.