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Benchmarking provides you with the opportunity to take a really close look at, and compare, your farm's performance with that of others to see just where things might be improved, or where you're already ahead of the game.

To facilitate this, DairyCo has created Milkbench+

Milkbench+ is an internet based benchmarking system that allows GB dairy farmers to compare their dairy enterprise with other farmers.  It looks to examine the financial performance of the farm together with the management system used. 

From this information, benchmark reports can be produced which are tailored according to criteria such as farm system, herd size etc.

Cessation of Milkbench+ data collection services

Following feedback from the industry during and consultation, the DairyCo board has decided to cease the Milkbench+ data collection service from March 2014. The reason is the substantial uptake of benchmarking tools among farmers since Milkbench+ started. DairyCo remains firmly in support of benchmarking as a path to improved performance and would encourage all dairy producers to use one of the many products available. Looking to the future, the aim is to continue providing regular independent economic analysis. This will help levy payers determine the key drivers for profitable systems, the industry understand its international competitiveness, and DairyCo direct future research and knowledge transfer towards areas of most benefit to levy payers. Milkbench+ has accrued several years of detailed data which has already underpinned a number of industry projects, and will continue to do so into the near future. The Milkbench+ website will continue to be accessible and operate until March 2017.

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