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Improvements in breeding have been the most significant factor of recent years in improving milk yields. DairyCo has a range of tools and information including DairyCo Breeding+ which can help.

DairyCo Breeding+ aims to improve dairy farmers profitability through breeding. It covers topics such as planning matings, selecting sires and herd assessment for replacement breeding.

DairyCo Breeding+ is a comprehensive manual supported by a series of extension programmes and workshops specifically designed to help UK dairy farmers improve their herd profitability through better breeding.

The Programme brings together research from DairyCo and other organisations around the world to make it the definitive guide to breeding management. It can be worked through by individuals, groups or with a consultant. It can also be dipped into at key times of the year when advice and help is most needed.

Whether you have been a pedigree breeder for the last thirty years or have never had any interest in the genetics of your herd, DairyCo Breeding+ can help you make more informed, profitable decisions for your business.

Please see the list of publications or if you would like to know more please contact your local extension officer.