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Since 2010 we have run a continuous campaign of activity to promote the good work that you do and to highlight to consumers what modern dairy farming is all about, including the current challenges. Our public facing work spans a wide variety of activity, from providing educational resources for schools at and promoting dairy farming actively to the public through our (TIDF) consumer facing website, to talking to the media and making sure that when there's an issue in the press (think cloning, large farms or milk crisis) that journalists have the facts about dairy farming. 

Summer 2013 saw the launch of our #DiscoverDairy consumer campaign to engage and inspire consumers to take an active interest in modern dairy farming so that, in the long term, a positive image of the industry can be maintained. Spearheaded by TV personality Adam Henson, the campaign is designed to encourage people of all ages, but particularly those aged between 16 – 34 years to 'Discover Dairy’.

Working in partnership with industry colleagues and 3rd parties, we aim to support and promote messages to consumers at a number of key events across the year which are listed below. In addition to these, we continue to work closely with farmers looking to open their farm gates to local communities by providing free advice and resources to help get dairy farming messages across to visitors.

Events Calendar 2015




 Milk Race



Jointly funded in partnership with The Dairy Council. Attending and promoting dairy farming messages 

Open Farm School   Days

1 – 30 June

Principle Sponsor in partnership with AHDB divisions. Also providing free advice and resources

World Milk Day

1 June

Promoting. Providing free advice and resources

Open Farm Sunday

7 June

Principle Sponsor in partnership with AHDB divisions. Also providing free advice and resources

Healthy Eating Week

1 – 5 June

Sponsor in partnership with AHDB divisions. Cross collaboration with Open Farm School Days. Also providing free advice and resources

Big Feastival

28 – 30 August

Working in partnership with Red   Tractor and AHDB divisions - Attending and promoting dairy farming messages

Red Tractor Week

14 – 20 September

Sponsor in partnership with AHDB divisions. Also providing free advice and resources

World School Milk   Day

30 September

Promoting. Providing free advice and resources
















Visit ‘Talking to Consumers’ section to find out how you can get involved in Discover Dairy?

For Farmers

Our Campaign Work

Discover Dairy is our consumer campaign to engage and inspire consumers to take an active interest in modern dairy farming so that, in the long term, a positive image of the industry can be maintained.

Resources for Farm Visits

In addition to the campaign, DairyCo provide on-going support for farmers who are either looking to or are already involved with speaking to the general public. Whether you are hosting a farm visit for your local schools, the community, exhibiting at an agricultural event or delivering a class room talk we can provide you with the right tools for the job.

Case Studies

This case study takes the form of a question and answer session with Mrs Julia Hawley of Hall Farm, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. You can listen to an audio podcast of a school visit to the Chapmans Hill School Farm which gives an insight into what is involved in running a successful school visit to a farm.

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For Teachers

Farm Visits

Below are links to the main organisations in the UK dedicated to developing links between schools and farms. Some of the organisations listed can help your school organise visits to a farm in your area.

Useful Contacts

Organisations that can help you when looking to provide milk in schools. The ones listed below will be able to help you. There are some that offer information and guidance on providing milk, as well as organizations that provide resources and activities for educating children on milk production and dairy farming, and the benefits of milk as part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.

World School Milk Day

Help celebrate World School Milk Day. If you do not already provide milk in school then why not use World school milk day to help launch your school milk programme


Frequently asked questions about providing milk in your school. Like 'What do we do if we are not happy with our milk provision?'

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    DairyCo and BGS would like to take this opportunity to invite you to a joint Demonstration Farm Walk on the farm of Mr Joe Dugdale and family on Thursday 11 June in Crathorne, Yarm. 29 May 2015
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    Next week will see the introduction of a new payment system by First Milk (FM) which involves a change to the number of pricing schedules the co-op offers and the way prices are determined. The change is part of the continued efforts of FM to cut costs and improve cash flow. 28 May 2015
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    Glenapp Estate in Ballantrae, South Ayrshire, one of the Scottish Monitor Farms of which DairyCo is a principle funder, will be hosting a meeting on 28 May focusing on grassland and soil management. 27 May 2015
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