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Published 17 March 14

  • The average land price for pasture and arable land in England and Wales increased by £2,399 (14.3%) from £16,761/hectare in H2 2012 to £19,160/hectare in H2 2013. There was a £772 (4.2%) increase between H1 2013and H2 2013. According to the RICS RAU Rural Market Survey – H2 2013 the price increases is predominantly strong demand and a flat supply picture. Commercial farmland demand remains strong and surveyors are highlighting the influence of neighbouring farmer interest pushing up the price of land.
  • The average price for pasture land in England and Wales stood at £17,191/hectare in H2-2013 an increase of £661 (4.0%) from H1-2013.
  • The highest average land price was seen in the North West with an average land price of £21,776/hectare, unchanged from H1 2013. The largest increase in average land price was seen in the North East with an average increase of 8.7%
  • Most other regions also experienced a rise in average land prices between H1-2013 and H2-2013. Scotland and the North West were the exceptions to this rule with Scotland having a fall of 15.5% to £9,266/hectare and the North West remaining unchanged at £21,766/hectare. 
  • Scotland had the lowest average land price at £9,266/hectare down 15.5% from H1-2013. The smallest price increase in percentage terms was seen in the Eastern region where average land prices increased by 1.7% to £18,842/hectare.

Land Prices for Dairy Farms (pasture land) in England and Wales







Source: RICS 

Land Prices - RICS

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