UK Retail Prices

Published 15 September 14

UK Retail Price Movements

Below are the latest weekly price check completed by ESA for the week ending 14th September 2014. It highlights price movements across key dairy categories. Shown below are the top 5 selling Cheddar cheese brands and the top 4 butter brands as recorded by Kantar Worldpanel volume sales.

Dairy Category Item Quantity This Week's Price (p) Last Week's Price (p)  Week on Week Difference 
      10/09/14 03/09/14  
Liquid Milk Liquid Milk Retail 4 pints 114 114 n/c
  Liquid Milk Doorstep 1 1 pint 79 79 n/c
Cream French Double Cream 600ml 165 161 +4*
Butter Butter Anchor 250g 181 180 +1*
Butter Country Life 250g 158 159 -1*
Kerry Gold Butter 250g 160 160 n/c
Lurpak 250g 179 179 n/c
Cheese-Cheddar Budget Mild Cheddar Own Label 1Kg 571 571 n/c
Cathedral City Mature Cheddar 1Kg 1108 1210 -102**
English Mild Cheddar Own Label 1Kg 699 699 n/c
Lake District Cheese Co Mature Cheddar 1Kg 927 927 n/c
Pilgrims Choice Mature Cheddar 1Kg 1341 1341 n/c
Seriously Strong Cheddar 1Kg 994 920 +74**
Wyke Farms Mature Cheddar (Rich & Creamy) 1Kg 807 817 -10*

UK – ESA Prices collected 10 September 2014

1Sourced from

* Listed price change due to change in retailers stocking the product

**Price/promotional changes have taken place, listed price also impacted by change in retailers stocking the product

n/c no change

Please note from April 2011 retail price data is sourced from ESA market research, previously the data was collected by DIN consulting. Whilst comparisons cannot be made between the new and previous data sources, information on retail prices collected from DIN consulting can be accessed by clicking on the retail prices 2000 to 2011.

 UK Dairy Product Retail Price Indices

In July 2014 the RPI decreased by 0.3 points compared to last month and remains higher than at the same point last year. The fresh milk price index remained static on the previous month. The butter index fell by 1.0 point, while the cheese price index also fell by 4.6 points. 



July 2014

compared with
1 month before

compared with
12 months before

RPI price index




Fresh Milk












Source: Office for National Statistics (ONS)