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(Week Commencing)
UK Monthly Farmgate Prices - Jan 2015 26.30ppl -22.4% (yoy) 30/03/2015
Monthly Fuel Tracker - UK Red Diesel - Feb 2015 48.79ppl -1.9% (mom) 30/03/2015
UK Monthly Milk Production - Feb 2015 1,078m litres -2.0% (yoy) 06/04/2015
AMPE 2014 - Mar 2015 21.4ppl -9% (mom) 27/04/2015
MCVE 2014 - Mar 2015 24.7ppl -5% (mom) 27/04/2015
UK Cream Wholesale Price - Mar 2015 £1,070/tonne -9% (mom) 27/04/2015
Cream Income to a Liquid Processor - Mar 2015 6.08ppl -9% (mom) 27/04/2015
  • (mom) = month-on-month-comparison
  • (yoy) = year-on-year-comparison

Interactive milk price calculator

The DairyCo Interactive Milk Price Calculator has been created as an online tool to assist farmers in achieving the best milk price possible. By inputting your own data it is possible to produce a calculation specific to your dairy farming business

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  • Is there a limit to the growth of the discounters?

    Aldi and Lidl have been successful in going mainstream in the past five years, enticing an ever greater proportion of mainstream shoppers into their stores. While it is impossible to accurately quantify the future growth of hard discounters in GB, there are some indications of what trajectory discounter growth might take. 26 March 2015
  • China looks west to secure supplies of milk powder

    China is world’s largest importer of milk powder. Despite efforts to increase domestic production, the strength of demand for milk powder within China means that import demand is expected to remain significant for a long time to come. 24 March 2015
  • Boost in UK milk powder production

    Last year’s increase in UK milk production led to more milk being channelled into manufacturing, with a particularly strong 41% increase in usage for powders compared to 2013. 23 March 2015
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