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Key statisticsValuePercentage ChangesNext update
(Week Commencing)
AMPE 2014 - Sep 2014 23.5ppl -14.0% (mom) 26/10/2014
MCVE 2014 - Sep 2014 28.9ppl -7.5% (mom) 26/10/2014
Cream Income to a Liquid Processor - Sep 2014 6.39ppl -7.0% (mom) 26/10/2014
UK Butter Wholesale Price - Sep 2014 £2,375/tonne -10% (mom) 26/10/2014
Monthly Fuel Tracker - UK Red Diesel - Sep 2014 64.13ppl -0.6% (mom) 27/10/2014
UK Monthly Farmgate Prices - Aug 2014 31.27 ppl 2.5% (yoy) 27/10/2014
UK Monthly Milk Production - Sep 2014 1,142m litres 7.4% (yoy) 03/11/2014
World SMP Wholesale Prices - Sep 2014 $2,921/tonne -15.2% (mom) 10/11/2014
  • (mom) = month-on-month-comparison
  • (yoy) = year-on-year-comparison

Interactive milk price calculator

The DairyCo Interactive Milk Price Calculator has been created as an online tool to assist farmers in achiveing the best milk price possible. By inputting your own data it is possible to produce a calculation specific to your dairy farming business

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Latest News & Analysis

Opportunities for EU exporters after EU-Canada trade deal

The EU Commission has announced further details of an EU-Canada trade deal which will provide EU exporters greater access to the Canadian market.

10/21/2014 16:11:00

Are steady wholesale butter prices a sign of recovery?

Weekly EU butter prices appear to have stabilised in the past week or so, even increasing marginally in some regions, while the latest GDT auction (15 October) results showed the average butter price increase 3.9%.

10/21/2014 11:17:34

Rainfall allows for further supplies of feed grains

A wet summer in many regions of the EU has meant a greater proportion of wheat is available for feed, potentially benefiting dairy farmers.

10/20/2014 13:54:53

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