DairyCo runs and supports a wide range of events across the UK, as well as Webinars for on-line participation. These include the business planning workshops, shows which often have a presence at show organised by others within the industry. These may be trade, industry or consumer type events, numerous conferences throughout the year and education events within the provision of educational resources for use within school age teaching.

Engaging with public about dairy farming

What DairyCo does for me - Derbyshire

Join us in Derbyshire to find out more about how we use your levy money to speak to the public about dairy farming. We want to hear your views.

What DairyCo does for me - Cumbria

Event in Cumbria to give levy payers a better understanding of how your levy is spent on speaking to the public about dairy farming.

What DairyCo does for me - Dumfries

Event in Dumfries to give levy payers a better understanding of how your levy is spent on speaking to the public about dairy farming.

Grant funded events places available for

Cattle Lameness Conference

The grant offered for this will allow 6 people to attend the conference in Worcester with an offering of £200 per participant.

Total Dairy 2015

This year's 10th Large Herd Seminar has been re-branded Total Dairy Seminar to fit with the aim of providing practical and technical information relevant to all dairy farms, regardless of herd size.

IDF 2015

IDF engages all stakeholders in productive activities and research projects to further current knowledge and science on a wide range of issues.

Positive Farmers Conference

Every January the Positive Farmers Conference combines the best current knowledge and practice with superb speakers and presenters, who look at opportunities for farmers to improve their incomes and quality of life.

Latest News

  • High-tech dairy farming

    The dairy farming industry is much more technologically sophisticated than most people would assume. Ensuring the cows are cared for at the highest level has moved on leaps and bounds 31 March 2015
  • Cattle industry project to streamline data exchange

    A £282,000 project to develop a prototype system for the exchange of cattle information across the supply chain has been given the green-light by Agri-tech Catalyst. 31 March 2015
  • 'What DairyCo does for me' how your levy is used

    During April DairyCo will be hosting a series of events across the UK which will update attendees on the ways in which their organisation is using levy money. 30 March 2015
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