Extension Officers in the South West

Piers Bradnell, DairyCo Extension Team South West

Piers Badnell

Telephone: 01989 567 579
Fax: 01989 740 563
Mobile: 07929 203 703
Email: piers.badnell@dairyco.ahdb.org.uk

I am your DairyCo extension officer, based in the South West. As an extension officer I work with a variety of groups made up of milk buyers and independent groups supplying different buyers. The basic ethos behind our meetings is to increase farm profit, sustainability and overall enjoyment of the business.

Part of my role is to be contactable by the producers in my region to answer questions, solve problems and set up meetings on best practice to drive sustainable businesses.

I am a technical specialist in grass, grazing and forage. There is still a vast untapped potential for a large number of producers to benefit from.

Prior to working for DairyCo my background has been farm management principally dairy and arable, where I managed herds from 6500 to 9500 litres on simple self feed through to full TMR. Since working for DairyCo I have learnt that we should concentrate on taking different parts of systems to maximise profitability. Comparing economy, climate, and location of where you farm.

If you require any information or help with your grass, grazing or forage management please feel free to contact me to find out what tools DairyCo has which may be able to help.


Andy DoddAndrew Dodd

Telephone: 01531 821952
Mobile: 07759 586 321
Email: andrew.dodd@dairyco.ahdb.org.uk

I am your DairyCo extension officer for the South Midlands. I look forward to meeting and working alongside dairy farmers, herdsmen and related organisations who all share my passion for the dairy industry.

Having spent many years working in the dairy sector, I recognise the good work being carried out on dairy farms across the country and by bringing like-minded farmers together we can share successes and work together to tackle common problems - through discussion groups, open meetings and impact groups.

As a DairyCo extension officer I am able to tap into a great wealth of resources to help you drive your business forward and with the help of colleagues and milk buyers create a sustainable future in the dairy industry.

Please feel free to contact me to find out more about DairyCo tools and publications.

Sarah BoltSarah Bolt

Telephone: 01752 492 796
Mobile: 07717 501 564
Email: sarah.bolt@dairyco.ahdb.org.uk

Sarah Bolt is the Extension Officer responsible for farmers in Devon. There are currently 9 discussion groups in the county facilitated by DairyCo, ranging from groups with a common interest such as a Robotic (AMS) and an Organic group, to groups based in a small geographical area. Moreover, Sarah works with existing groups, buying groups and vet practices. However, Sarah is always keen to work with more farmers or farm workers, so if you would like to join a discussion group in Devon, please contact Sarah to find your nearest group, or the group to most suit you. Additionally, Sarah would like to hear your ideas for open meetings, so that she can provide you with the information you require to help your business move forward. Please contact Sarah on 07717 501564 or sarah.bolt@dairyco.ahdb.org.uk or to see what is happening in the area click here. 

Rebecca MilesRebecca Miles

Mobile: 07500 873258
Email: rebecca.miles@ahdb.org.uk

Becky Miles is the Extension Officer for Cornwall. Becky now runs several discussion groups in the county ranging from a ‘New Starter and Expanding Herd Discussion Group’ which cover robots to Spring block OAD, a Robot Group, Duchy Apprentice Group and most recently a Ladies in Dairy group which is proving VERY popular.  If you would like to join or help start a discussion group, host a meeting, request resources or technical information please call Becky on 07500 873258 orRebecca.miles@dairyco.ahdb.org.uk or to see what events are planned for Cornwall go to /events/.



Michael HardcastleMichael Hardcastle

Michael Hardcastle is the local EO for Somerset & Wiltshire.

Michael organise regular discussion groups for farmers supplying BV Dairies,  Cricketers Cheese, Muller/Wiseman’s and  Wyke Farms. Mike also work with Delaware-, Endell- and Shepton Veterinary Groups as well as a Lely Robotics group and working with Bridgwater College students and the Entrepreneurs in Dairy scheme.

If you would like to participate in any of these, get your own group going, are interested in open meetings in the area or require information about the dairy industry, please get hold of Michael on mobile 07929 203699 or email Michael.Hardcastle@dairyco.ahdb.org.uk to ensure you receive invitations through his mailing lists.