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Introducing the team in your area

The DairyCo designated Extension Officers for the South West are Rebcca Miles, Sarah Bolt, Andy Dodd, Piers Badnell and Michael Hardcastle.

The teams job is to link levy payers to DairyCo by taking your views back to the Board.  They organise events (both on and off farm) demonstrating best practice. The results of DairyCo research and development go back out to farmers.

One of the main roles of the team is to establish and run DairyCo Business Groups in the region. The discussion groups consist of 10-12 like minded farmers meeting regularly. They look at subjects including electricity and water costs, optimising fertiliser efficiency, cow fertility, heifer rearing costs, benchmarking, time management and cost effective building improvement.  However, any subject leading to profit improvement can be covered, with group confidentiality being paramount.

What's coming up?

For a list of DairyCo events, including technical meetings and workshops, please click here.

For more information on events in the South West please contact:

Rebecca Miles

Contact me on 07500 873258 or


Sarah Bolt

Contact me on 07717 501 564 or


Andy Dodd

Contact me on 07759 586 321 or


Piers Badnell

Contact me on 07929 203 703 or


Michael Hardcastle

Contact me on 07929 203 699 or

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