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Introducing the team in your area

A key part of being an extension officer is to help provide world class knowledge to our UK dairy farmers. We work with a range of different dairy organisations to make sure we are as accessible as possible providing the most up to date and effective information for you to use in your business.

As a team we can share our technical expertise with the dairy farming community. Discussion groups and open meetings are always great tools to discover alternative methods and share experiences.

What's coming up?

Heather Wildman will be looking at Staff Motivation with the Moovers and Shakers Discussion group.

Dairy Farmers of the Future a group for students and young entrants will be looking at Grazing Management on the 30th May with Tony Renwick and Izak van Heerden at Lord Newton’s.  If you know or are a young person in the dairy industry this is the group for you!  To find out more contact Izak on 07854507279.

If you would like to join a discussion group in the South East, please contact me to find your nearest group, or the group to suit you. Additionally, I would like to hear your ideas for open meetings, so that I can provide you with the information you require to help your business move forward. Please contact me on 07854507279 or

What's been happening?


What happened in SE


DairyCo in conjunction with Sussex Grass and Forage Society held a very successful meeting with John Morgan from Creedy Associates to look at the impact of the wettest year in history on soil conditions. John discussed depleted nutrients, compacted soils and open swards as  just three of the likely results from the wet conditions. The meeting looked at what  actions can you take now to avoid further damage and poor forage yields and quality as ground struggles to recover. As well as assessing damage levels – recognising the signs of soil compaction, prioritising – deciding which fields need action and which can be left and management strategies to speed recovery and avoid further damage and what machinery options are suitable to correct damage.


Alistair Gibb from Cedar Associates led a DairyCo workshop with funding from RDPE on Effective Negotiation Skills. Whether you are negotiating a new feed or milk contract or between members of a team to improve the parlour routine, negotiation skills is a key part of a more effective business.

If you would like to know more about these or other discussion groups in the south east please contact DairyCo Extension Officer Izak van Heerden on 07854507279.

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