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Introducing the team in your area

The designated DairyCo Extension Officers for the North East are Jo Speed, Tom Goatman, James Hague and Tony Hoile. The team aim to give our UK dairy farmers a voice in our open meetings providing farmers with  better value from levy.  Learning about different farmer experiences that could help your farm become more efficient.

They aim to help your business by providing a platform to assist aspects of farming you may be finding difficulty with. The 'milking the grant system' open meetings have been put together to give awareness to access grants that are available to dairy farmers.

What's coming up?

For a list of DairyCo events, including technical meetings and workshops, please click here.

For more information on events in the North West please contact:

Jo Speed

Contact me on 07976133405 or

Tom Goatman

Contact me on 07854 508 577 or  

James Hague

Contact me on 07792 289 386 or

Tony Hoile

Contact me on 07500 578583 or at

Hannah Tait

Contact me on 07990 778149 or at













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