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Introducing the team in your area

We aim to provide our knowledge to help you achieve efficient farming practice. By speaking with farmers and finding out what is needed.

As a team we think it is important to know the needs of our dairy farmers so we can help them get the most from your levy. Impact groups and discussion groups are a great way we can do this.

What's coming up?


There are 79 milk producers in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire with a further 19 in Northamptonshire. They include a range of breeds - Jersey Guernsey, Holstein, Friesian and crossbred - with herd sizes from 16 to 600.

Having now visited all of these dairy farms and established people's problems and preferences, I'm running tailored meetings for small groups within one hour's travelling distance – and even round the kitchen table.

DairyCo's role is to fill the gaps and offers a chance for levy payers and their staff to get something back for their levy and learn together in an independent, confidential environment where dairy farming is positive, profitable and fun.

We now have two DairyCo Business Discussion Groups operating in East Anglia, using Milkbench+ to benchmark their farms and work to cut operating costs and boost profit and enjoy a better lifestyle from dairy farming. If you are interested in joining, or would like to find out more about a local meeting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


What's been happening?

For information on whats happening in this area please contact DairyCo Extension Officer Shirley Macmillan, available on 07766 402393 for farming information in your area.

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