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Events and Webinars

DairyCo runs and supports a wide range of events, meetings and webinars for farmers across the UK.

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  • Leadership and Team Skills Development - East

    | 22 September 2014 | Cheshire & Staffordshire, East Anglia, Midlands, South EastChallenge and further develop the skills of current supervisors and team leaders to become more productive and effective in the work place.
  • Practical lameness control

    | 23 September 2014 | ScotlandOne of the leading UK lameness specialists, will present the latest practical information on lameness control with on farm demonstrations and discussions.
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Latest news

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  • Digging the dirt on soil compaction and outwintering – Report from demo farm open meeting in Cornwa...

    On Tuesday 16 September over 60 farmers gathered at Trink Dairy near St Ives for a DairyCo-BGS demo farm open meeting, kindly hosted by Chris and Rachel Knowles.19 September 2014
  • Red Tractor Week

    It is Red Tractor Week and, to celebrate, schools can win the chance to visit their local Red Tractor farm by entering the ‘Great Red Tractor Schools Menu’ competition.18 September 2014
  • UK Dairy Day

    Tomorrow, DairyCo will be at the UK Dairy Day. Together with the National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers (NACFT), DairyCo shares a stand where you can see foot trimming and knife sharpening demonstrations.16 September 2014
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