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DairyCo runs and supports a wide range of events, meetings and webinars for farmers across the UK.

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  • Tackling Mastitis on Farm - Devon

    | 4 August 2014 | South WestJoin DairyCo and international expert Professor Joe Hogan, Ohio State University America, for an informative and practical meeting covering aspects of mastitis prevention.
  • Soil Assessment Tool - Warwickshire

    | 6 August 2014 | Cheshire & Staffordshire, Midlands, North MidlandsSoil biology is now widely accepted to be a key driver of both soil function and pasture productivity. SRUC, ADAS and Newcastle University are working together on behalf of DairyCo / EBLEX to develop materials that will be available in autumn 2014 to help grassland farmers to gather robust informa...
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  • Farmers across the country win big for their dairy produce

    Country shows aren’t just a great day out for the family, they are also a time of year when farming talent from across the country is thrust into the spotlight and celebrated.29 July 2014
  • Consumer confidence soars to nine-year high

    UK consumer confidence has risen sharply since the start of the year, boosted by a variety of good-news stories about the British economy.28 July 2014
  • Entrepreneurs in Dairying

    The sign up deadline is fast approaching for applicants for Entrepreneurs in Dairying, the new business training programme commencing in September for aspiring dairy producers launched by the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers in collaboration with DairyCo, the NFU and The Andersons Centre.24 July 2014
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